Najponk - Electric Piano, Jan Korinek - Hammond Organ, Osian Roberts - sax,
Marek Urbanek and/or Tomas Vokurka - drums

GrooveKeepers is the meeting point of musicians who share the love for blues, jazz and soul music. This combination of the finest musicians brings the freedom of with deep respect the tradition and feeling of the music.

Jan Korinek‚Äôs musical style evolved from pure blues roots into a soul-jazz-funk feeling with strong blues influences, exploring and presenting the roots of this great music. He is a performer and multi instrumentalist who never gives less than everything he has each time he takes the stage. Over years of touring, recording and surviving in the music business ensure that his soul has stories to tell filled with the blues as well as humor. 

This recording is the first part of a series of sessions, "The Blacktown Sessions", this time with a band GROOVEKEEPERS. The session is "alive", with a live gig feel to it. With a full serving of the blues, swinging jazz, funk and gospel too. It is a special meeting of top czech jazz piano player Najponk and organist Jan Korinek, together with Osian Roberts on sax and Marek Urbanek + Tomas Vokurka on drums.

Najponk's music comes directly from the roots of jazz, i.e. the blues and a swinging rhythm. His playing is a distinctive rendition of classic jazz without any needless avant-garde experiments. It is rich in inventiveness, virtuosity and enthusiasm. He belongs among the "storytellers", which is the higest achievement in the world of music. His own compositions greatly reflect the development of the jazz tradition within its original rules. 

Since embarking on a career as a professional saxophonist in his teens, Osian Roberts has performed in over twenty five countries worldwide, gaining experience with such jazz giants as Cedar Walton, George Mraz, Peter Ind, Hod O'Brien, and Peter Washington, and developing in the process a unique voice on his instrument that is firmly rooted in the bebop tradition.