The history of Reel Blues Studio goes back to 1990s, when Jan Korinek started to record live shows usíng lo-fi vintage equipment. Since then, the count of records made at RBS reached 20, working with local and international artists, such as Meky Zbirka, Chick Willis, Rene Trossman, Sharon Lewis etc. In 2014, the studio moved to Cernosice near Prague, to special place with genius loci that allows one to fully unleash all creative power. In 2016, the studios connected to Blacktown records to provide full service to the soulful community of feelers :) 

We offer both vintage analog (1/4' Revox 2 track,  1/2' Itam 8 track) and 20 tracks of Digital recording, depending on your needs. The backline also includes two hammond organs (A100 and B3 with 145 Leslie speakers) and upright piano. 

RBS Discography:

1997 - Ramblin'Rex And The Next Generation / The Basement Tapes (unoficial)
2001 - Jan Korinek and GROOVE feat. Lorenzo Thompson - Good Rockin Tonight 
2001 - Jan Korinek and GROOVE / Groovin for Mr. G. (unoficial)
2002 - Jan Korinek and GROOVE feat. Eb Davis / I Write The Checks (Faust Records)
2005 - Rene Trossman and Charlie Slavik / Tribute To Little Walter
2008 - Jan Korinek and GROOVE / Groovin For Little V (HardBop Records)
2008 - Rene Trossman Band - Postmarked Illinois (Hold It Records)
2012 - Juwana Jenkins and Charlie Slavik - The Blues Keeps You Alive (Charisma)
2012 - Jan Cisar Band / Just Blues (self published)
2012 - Rene Trossman Band - I'm On A Roll (Hold It Records)
2012 - Eric Stanglin / Whistling Past the Graveyard (self)
2013 - Charlie Slavik Band Live at Jazzdock (self)
2014 - Rene Trossman Trio - As The Years Go Passing By (Hold It Records)
2016 - Charlie Slavik Band Live at Reduta (self)
2016 - Jan Korinek and GROOVE feat. SHARON LEWIS - Live at Bedna (BlackTown Records)
2016 - GROOVEKEEPERS - Blacktown Sessions vol.1
2016 - Jiri Marsicek Trio / I Get A Feelin (post production - BlackTown Records)
2016 - Miss Mikey May & Jan Korinek - Swingout The Blues (in production - BlackTown Records)
2016 - Jan Korinek and GROOVE / Groovin for double V. (planning)